On Cheating in the Modern Capitalist Surveillance State

Society as a whole is designed so that most people oscillate between feeling they are juggling too much too long, and that it is unsustainable (“must…keep…going…a…little…longer”), or not meeting their expectations (“I am inadequate”), or feeling both, (“I can’t keep going and it’s still not good enough”). Since we are not good enough and we don’t meet these expectations, then the only way we can survive in this society is to cheat. And because people do cheat to survive a lot of resources are spent on surveillance. By cheating I mean doing something against agreed upon rules–usually agreed upon under the duress of the street or prison. Because there is this unsustainable build-up of internal pressure in our lives due to inhumane expectations of discipline (against our natural inclinations) that pressure must be released somewhere in the form of “cheating.” Because we live in a surveillance society there are very few places this cheating can the place, so by necessity it takes place where figures of authority have chosen trust over surveillance. It’s as if you pumped a balloon with a number of microscopic holes in it too full. Guess where the air is going to come out?

This cheating will “confirm” the authoritarian view of human nature as fundamentally corrupt and in need of constant manipulation and monitoring. And the people who are under the most unsustainable pressure will cheat the most in order to survive, which justifies even more surveillance of these populations (usually retail and factory worker and those not fortunate enough to be able to do even the most undesirable jobs), so fewer holes in the balloons with more pressure. And all you have to do to control these populations even more is to purposely poke a hole of two in the balloon and place cops around the holes, and voila, ready made population of prisoners/indentured servants/examples for the rest of them. And don’t worry about the other balloons, sure most of them will burst from the pressure eventually, but they keep making more new balloons. So brilliant!

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