National Coming Out Day Rap

I can’t even wait in a straight line.
I’m so queer it warps space time.
I get turned on by crazy things
the noise of telephone rings
Cat girls and beardo boys.
I shop in the back for the freaky ass sex toys.
Maybe next year they’ll make a name for me
Staring in my own show on National Geography–
Man, that girl is super sick
My milk shakes dripping
come and take a lick.
Line the bed with plastic
Can I sit on your lap?
I used to have a job but I called in batshit
Flipping out in the bathtub from too much catnip.
It took years
To drain the tub of tears.
Meditate daily so I can be here
So don’t get in my way
Just be true to yourself
Happy Coming Out Day

♥ Jessica

Here’s the background story for the “flipping out in the bathtub from too much catnip” line:

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