It’s probably not functional now

It’s probably not functional now
I can’t get my mind off this bill I had in my bag
Now it’s gone
Wonder if I left it at home
No way to know
Nothing I can do
Note to self: If I don’t find it call and cancel the check
Maybe being so uptight will serve me yet
Mostly it just leaves me a nervous wreck
Shaking like a small dog
Like my mother —like my dad–
She called me this morning
Talking nonstop staccato rapping, breathless
About the blizzard or some shit
White Wizard of Oz
Adrenaline, amphetamine
Me? I don’t even drink caffeine
You? Will they ever know what I mean?
Who cares?
Small child flying down the stairs
Two, three steps at a time
Now ke’s crying
Ashiren shrieking and speaking Ymirian
The worlds contained in stories take up more real estate than the one outside
Wings pinned in place, dying, dipped in formaldehyde
I’d rather sit home and read alone
Let them that come a knockin’ use the phone
Or better yet let’s just text
–The closer they come the more empty my tongue–
The text, the text takes on
Colors the eye
Return the favor, follow me outside
Rejoining the human race
Nictitating membrane double blinks slowly on an alien face

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One thought on “It’s probably not functional now

  1. J.M. Littenberg Post author

    Another poetry workshop. Assignment was take a phrase from a book and run with it. So I did…trying not to hold on to the message so tight this time, just going with the flow. This one’s meant to be read aloud, fast


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